Monday, 21 July 2014

Royal Blue Mabel...

Morning Lovelies, I hope you are waking up to a brilliant Monday morning!
I'll be at work but nevertheless I have another Mabel attempt to show you! 
This one is made from a ponte that has been in my stash forever!
I got it as two remnants and only used one on this skirt! Love the small yardage on this pattern!
It just goes to show how different your jerseys can be though. Compared to the first Mabel I made this one is a little snug, same size slightly different quality. In order to remedy this a little. I let out some of the seam allowance on the front button band...
Talking of the button band where are the buttons?
Well, I had high hopes for this skirt. I've been dreaming of Santorini and beautiful greek islands. I was wanting some very white greek looking (if there is such a thing) buttons to go with the lovely deep blue skirt. Can I find the ones I want? Nope. They don't seem to exist and so instead of putting up with mediocre buttons I have decided to make it a design feature.
Are we all ok with that? Ok good. Moving on...
I didn't find styling this skirt too easy as wearing white with a pug around can be a challenge. I opted for different blues and this is probably how i'd style it in the future, also as I've said before i'll get the most use out of skirts in the winter with tights and boots. If i'm honest id fear for my modesty a bit in this one...
Stats time!
Fabric: Stash! 0.00
Notions: Stash! 0.00
Pattern: Used before so 0.00... I just remembered I didn't count the pattern last time! So say £10...
Not too bad I would have spent a tenner on something similar. I adore the colour and hopefully I have enough fabric to get a cardi out of the rest!
I must make a neutral and black mabel! How about you?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fuchsia Fun Cardigan: McCalls 6844

Those who saw me at the Minerva meetup will have heard me saying I whipped up this cardigan in a panic the night before because I had nothing that went with my Hazel dress I was wearing in the daytime.
This pattern was so popular about a year ago and as per usual I bought the pattern and never got around to making it. That is until I bought this ah-mazing hot pink lace jersey. It screamed at me "I must be a peplum" and so I obeyed.
 The pattern is a breeze to put together and using my overlocker it took a couple of hours from cutting to wearing.
My only complaint is that I would prefer the collar to fit into the peplum rather than have a straight collar. I cut a size L but I could easily go medium. I like it belted without something to bring it into my waist it looks a little drapey and it has no closures.
I love love love the fabric. I think I got it at Goldhawk its a lace jersey in this eyewatering pink!
I chose to cut the graduated peplum and I like the dip. I think I will have another go at this cardigan as its a nice style but I would do a narrow shoulder alteration and cut at least a size down. However it really works well as a wardrobe builder. I find myself grabbing it for these muggy days we have been having.
Fabric: 2m of pink lace jersey around £6pm so £12 (I may be overestimating)
Notions:Nada £0.00
Total: £12
Wearability: 7/10

The sizing is the only issue for me. Its the most expensive thing i've made in a while which wasn't a Minerva make. Thats mainly because a lot of my fabric has been stash recently. I don't feel too bad about the price I couldn't buy it that ethically that cheaply and it was so easy to sew on the overlocker I could churn them out! I'd recommend this pattern if you want a quick and dirty cardigan pattern with some style to it!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Flora and Fauna...

You guys can you believe its been weeks since the big Minerva meetup?
I can't I meant to blog this dress ASAP but it's gone so quick time got away from me.
Nevermind here is my June make for Minerva my "By Hand London Flora Dress."
Today we decided to have a go at some natural light photos. Thoughts on a postcard please!
First off, I didn't like making this dress. No ones fault but my own, the fabric drapes like a dream but slips like a devil. Its a lovely poly, (I know that sounds like an oxymoron but it totally is.)
 The colour is great and thick enough that I didn't bother to line the skirt. 
But the fitting was a total nightmare. My irritating narrow shoulders told me to take out 4 odd inches from the top but this left my arm holes a little snug, which then pulled the balance off of my bust. In the end I was short on time and ended up deciding that a top underneath was better than sewing the neckline together as this only encouraged boob tightness.
I would say I could easily go down a size or two on the front but with the drape of the fabric it gave a more relaxed holiday vibe to the other Flora's I've seen.
(please ignore the pug butt, Pixel refused to be left out and made himself almost uncroppable.)
The next thing I tackled was the skirt. Very pretty high low hemline but for some one so hobbitlike as myself it was verging on indecent. I didn't mind so much when I offset the highest point slightly to the side giving myself more of a faux wrap look. 
 Overall I really do like this dress and I'm sure it will get a lot of wear. I was very lucky to receive lots of compliments on the night and a chorus of "Oh I nearly bought that fabric today!"
 Here is how it looked on the night. I will try my best to fit in a post of its own soon!
 Here I am with the lovely Marie Amy and Katherine! Everyone looked amazing by the way!
If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen these sneaky peeks!
Finally I had to put this beauty in. Piemaker said "Oh I don't think you'll want to use that one..." How wrong he is. This is the face I make when Pixels wriggling. I think you'll agree with the tagline...

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Completed: One Short Day in the Emerald City Coco...

"One short day in the Emerald City, One short day to have a lifetime of fun" - Wicked
Aka my favourite musical of all time. Seriously guys ever wondered what the tattoo on my wrist says? Defying Gravity thats what. 
(There is a running joke in my family that when I'm old it will say Defying Gravy...)
Moving on!
This Coco is a Minerva make. The emerald ponte is the one I used for my Mabel skirt too! I do love to use up leftovers, 
 This Coco has long been on my inspiration board. I have an unhealthy obsession with Boden and I had pinned this dress ages ago. I was going to have a go at her peculiar model pose but I'm not sure i'd look a sylph like...
I decided matching buttons were not for me so I went gold! I halved the collar piece but I could have been more brutal, my version is still quite high but overall I'm happy with the result.
I have however come to the conclusion that this Coco will only ever be a winter dress for me. Its very short for one so hobbit-like and I feel very exposed without tights. Not to mention the long sleeves, I was so warm taking these photos!
I am glad I picked this ponte. I think the colour is much more flattering to my skin tone than the more grassy green Boden dress. Its also super forgiving, very few lumps and bumps let loose!
Wearability is going to get a 7/10
I know I live in the UK where the weather is changeable to say the least but I'm banking on this being a Autumn/ Winter staple its a bit too snuggly for the summer! I'm loving this colour with Navy and I can see it looking great with my Virginia leggings I finished for the SWAP.
Ah well C'est La Vie Coco!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Swap 2014: Completed!!!!

Wooo I actually finished a SWAP you guys! Look out!
There are some Newly completed garments ahead!

I promise they will get their own posts later but i'm too happy not to post the results up. weee!!

This was 11 garments... 11!

I'm quite proud of myself (can you tell?!) as I totally bailed last year after two garments.
There are some really lovely talented ladies over at Artisan Square and they have been a fabulous support since January. Not forgetting you my lovely readers of course!
The plan was 3 3-pacs and two wild cards. Making 11 Pieces that co-ordinate.
I found working in 3's so helpful! I decided to theme each 3 pac to give me a focus.

So here goes number one: Home Comforts
This consisted of my Coco Dress, Mabel Skirt and Previously made Briar Jumper (Green glitziness taken off.) Did you guess my first unblogged?
Next 3 pac was named smart to casual. I wanted Items that could be dressed up or down easily depending on how I was feeling that day. My McCalls dress is totally Pajamas in disguise!
Team that with my Coppelia Cardigan or wear my cardi with my Lisette Denim skirt I can be comfy and still feel i've made an effort.
(Snuck another unblogged in didn't I?)
 Then Came my favourite outfit of the entire SWAP!

My Later Nights 3-pac! This is where my Skull Pansy Victoria and Simplicity skirt meet! Oh yes as requested here it is as a kind of suit! Crazy no? I love this outfit! I may never wear it out like this but its awesome. The third item is the navy Plantain tee just as a bit of a backdrop.
 I can see myself wearing it much more as a skirt and tee or tee jacket and jeans combination. Either way this is totally my favourite!

Finally onto the two wildcards, one of which doesn't feel that wild but it didn't fit anywhere else really in the end. My Virginia leggings, made from the same fabric as the Plantain Tee! These are so interchangeable I could wear it with all my 3 pacs if I wanted to! As you can see I paired it with my Coco for the photos.
Finally the real wildcard was my Georgia Dress! The cobalt isn't present in any of my other makes except maybe the Skull Pansy print. But I felt adding another blue gave a bit more depth to my palette and lets face it everyone needs a wildcard dress like this right?
I chose to keep my makeup and accessories simple so it was easy to see the outfits in the same situation. With 11 garments I think I can make at least 15 different outfits just mixing and matching skirts and tops alone. I will have a play with it over May and let you know the results.
Capsule wardrobes are something i've always considered but never properly tried. Making 11 pieces seemed impossible and I thought it would bore me to tears. But by keeping my plan flexible and open to interpretation I was able to keep sewing and make new exciting patterns work with existing ones I had started. I deviated quite a bit in the end. I only sewed three garments from my original plan made in January but managed to sew 9 from my updated March plan only changing 3 around to fit the final swap.

 If I've learnt anything on this little sewing journey I'd urge anyone to try out 3-pacs. Making three co-ordinating items means one perfect outfit. With a bit of consideration it gave me clothes that I love to wear, fit my lifestyle and look pretty lovely together. Go on, Give it a go! Have you ever sewn a capsule wardrobe?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Completed: I Said I Never Would...

Hi lovelies!
I always said I would never wear animal print. Some people can make it look fabulous and sophisticated,

Others... Well you can make up you're own minds on that one...

I have broken all my rules with another item from my SWAP!
 McCalls 5974, Its a really clever dress. Made to look like a wrap dress but its totally not! It has lovely crossed wide ties that wrap around your body and give the illusion with none of the potential peek a boo moments of a normal wrap,
Yay for practicality!
I couldn't help but buy this fabric you guys, its just so, so, glowy? It reminds me of cats eyes and for my original SWAP palette of Caramel, Navy and Blues it ticked all the boxes.
Not to mention its comfy, Its a viscose jersey but not a bad one. In terms of opacity its pretty good. The only place I notice it is the front band that isn't covered by the faux wrap.
I left the sleeves long as I love the security of putting my hands inside my sleeves when its chilly. Anyone else like that...?
 Moving on, this dress has great swishability and will look great layered up with tights in the winter. I feel like this is a pretty autumnal kinda dress due to the long sleeves and darker hue.
I can see this dress being revisited, but maybe not until the weather is colder. It could make a cute short sleeved dress but this is my go to clothing in colder climes.
Fabric: 2.5 m of Viscose Jersey plus shipping £13
Notions: In Stash £0.00
Total: £13
Wearability 8/10
Not bad for a comfy dress! I have been pulling lots of stashbusters recently so its quite nice to see when I do purchase I'm rarely breaking the bank. I imagine if i'd bought this dress it would have been somewhere like Monsoon in terms of style and most definitely more expensive
What is your take on Animal Print? Yay or Neigh!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Completed: Wardrobe Basic Plantain...

Ahoy Me Made May'ers and other sewing lovelies! I warned you it would be back! Yes this is another item from my SWAP. The oh so basic but oh so lovely Plantain.
This one is made from a lovely soft jersey with a slightly brushed side and little glittery white bits in! They give it a nice casual marled effect. I'm so glad I picked this up in another colourway as this is the comfiest top evah!
 I could have made a size down but I wasn't after it being too fitted. The last one I made behaved very differently due to the cotton element of the knit. It tended to cling, not unflatteringly but I didn't feel I needed adjustment. There is a tiny bit of pooling around my shoulder but I think thats more due to my stance rather than my narrow shoulder as the other one looks fine.
Overall not too much to say on Plantain No. 2 except that it may be my favourite tee pattern to date! The neckline is still flattering and the shaping still looks nice over my waist with minimum swayback. Totally a wardrobe basic! This is how its often worn and how I wore it for Me Made May this week with a cardigan. I will do a blog round up either mid way or the end as I'm only doing 3 days a week.

Fabric: Viscosey brushed glittery knit stuff from Goldhawk Road: £8
(But I've made leggings too!)
Notions: Thread £2.50
Total: £10.50 being conservative I could split the fabric cost and it would only be £6.50!
Wearability: 10/10! I could wear this all day every day and the benefit of it being Navy is its actually quite a nice neutral for me as I'm not a big fan of black, it tends to make my complexion look rather ghoulish! Navy is a good compromise so yay!
How do you feel about sewing basics? I've always preferred cake to icing in every sense!